I returned to you today

And I wanted to put in your hands this simple plan bumper profit from Adsense or any other company
The plan relies on 3 sites
Especially if you have a site to put files or games or others that require loading
If you do not have no problem
Follow me
First will be making site to shorten links and raise your own files, the location of any
Put the ads
(There are many scripts but personally I do not know how to install it)
It is important
Then put the ads
And also in your site
The way of work
If your site is, for example, to download games
Carrying the game on your site and hoisting abbreviated shortcut link in your links and put the link in your site
If the visitor enters your site and Ischhad ads and clicks may then presses the Manual link signatory is expected, for example, 10 seconds and is watching the ad and clicks may
And then enters the lifting site link and see announcements thus increase the possibility of clicking on your ads and increase your profits
Now for those who LES Google Adsense must have a regular account and not hosted
But if you do not it to you good alternative cpmnet company

And long as you safely
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